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Heaters and Heating Systems


Heatec specializes in hot oil heaters, asphalt tanks, polymer blending systems and other equipment for the asphalt industry. We also design and manufacture thermal fluid heaters and process heaters for industrial processes. We make the Firestorm™ water heater and heated water tanks for the concrete industry.

Industrial Products

Heatec builds fired thermal fluid heaters and process heaters in outputs from 0.5 to 125 million Btu/hour. These thermal fluid heat transfer systems serve numerous industries. Our heaters meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications. And they are certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) when requested by the customer.

Heatec designs include two-pass helical coil heaters from 0.5 to 60-million Btu/hour, All-convection Convectec™ heaters up to 125-million Btu/hour, Three-pass helical coil heaters up to 60-million Btu/hour, Vertical serpentine heater/vaporizers, Mixing tanks, Bath heaters, Waste heat recovery systems, Code expansion tanks and piping, Pump Skids, and more.

List of Products

HCI Thermal Fluid & Process Heaters HCM Thermal Fluid Heaters for Marine Vessels Convectec™ Heaters
Three-Pass Helical Coil Heater FIRESTORM™ direct-contact water heaters Vertical Serpentine Heater/Vaporizor
Vertical Down-Fired Heater Vertical Mixing Tank Bath Heater
Cabin Style Heater Waste Heat Recovery Unit Expansion Tank and Pump
Steam Generator Electric Heater Fuel Skid

Asphalt Products

Heatec manufactures hot oil heaters, asphalt tanks, fuel tanks, fuel preheaters and numerous other equiment used at hot mix asphalt (HMA) plants. We also manufacture thermal fluid heaters, polymer blending systems, booster heaters and other equipment for asphalt terminals. Additionally, we make asphalt emulsion tanks, barrel melters and equipment for other areas of the asphalt industry. Heatec specializes in fully integrated thermal fluid heating systems.

List of Products

Hot Oil Heaters Asphalt Storage Tanks Fuel Preheater Skids
Portable Fuel Tank with Preheater Fuel Tank with Double Containment Electrically Heated Tank
Additive Tanks AC Calibration Tanks AC Metering System
Pumps and Strainers Sock Filters and Containment Systems Piping for Asphalt and Hot Oil
Actuated Asphalt Valves Asphalt Fume Condenser STACKPACK™ economizer
Terminal heaters Polymer blending systems Booster heaters
Booster heat exchangers Asphalt Emulsion Tanks Barrel Melters
AC shipping Containers    

Concrete Industry

Heatec equipment for the concrete industry includes direct-contact water heaters and direct-fired tanks for heated water. Both products allow ready-mix concrete producers to extend their working season into cold-weather months. Using heated water allows some users to operate year-round.

FIRESTORM™ direct-contact water heaters

Direct-fired water tanks

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