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Sodium Hypochlorite Systems

Union Alloy partner with Pepcon system for past 10 years to serve the region and together we have achieve high standard of service to our client with up to date technogology. PEPCON Systems (PEPCON) designs, manufactures and services equipment that utilizes a proven electrochemical process to safely and economically treat water and control odor in a variety of applications. These systems are marketed under the names ChlorMaster® and OdorMaster® and are available worldwide PEPCON Systems (PEPCON) manufactures water treatment and odor-control systems that utilize proven electrolytic systems for on-site sodium hypochlorite generation and superior pollution control.

Our water treatment and odor control systems, ChlorMaster® and OdorMaster®, feature electrochemical cells that use electricity to convert saltwater or brine into a safe, dilute sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution. By altering the molecular structure of the pollutants, our systems are able to generate a cleansing sodium hypochlorite solution at less than one-half of the typical purchasing cost of hypochlorite.

Since PEPCON’s cells produce sodium hypochlorite on-site, the hazards and expenses associated with the transportation, storage and handling of chlorine gas or highly concentrated commercial bleach are eliminated. The stringent regulatory requirements pertaining to chlorine gas and bleach are also avoided.

The electrochemical cells use low voltage direct current (DC) power supplied by a rectifier. They are designed to operate in a wide variety of environments and conditions. The rectifier, electronic controls and other necessary system components are all integrated by PEPCON Systems. Units are shipped as preassembled modules, complete with piping, a bus bar and structural supports.

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