Union Alloy (Pte) Ltd

Fiberglass Piping Systems

UNION ALLOY PTE LTD has been partnering NOV Fiber Glass Systems (NOV FGS) for 25 years servicing the industrial, onshore and offshore market in the region.

NOV Fiber Glass Systems is a world leader in fiberglass reinforced composite piping. For nearly 60 years our “time-tested” products have proven their durability. NOV Fiber Glass Systems delivers piping solutions across industries and continents. With manufacturing facilities spanning 4 continents, and a sales and distribution network covering 40 countries, we provide worldwide service to the oil and gas, chemical and industrial, marine, offshore, and fuel handling industries. For further overview, please click here.

Our corrosion-resistant piping systems can be used in a wide range of applications:


    • Ballast
    • Cargo
    • Crude oil washdown
    • Effluent
    • Fire water / fire protection
    • Inert gas transmission
    • Sanitary service
    • Vent
  2. OIL & GAS

    • Flow lines
    • Oil & gas gathering
    • Oil & gas transmission
    • Water injection and separation
    • Tubing & casing
    • Fire water / fire protection

    • Fuel Depots
    • Jet fuel handling
    • Service stations

    • Chemical processing
    • Corrosive liquid transmission
    • Desalination
    • District heating
    • Fire water / fire protection
    • Food, medical and cosmetic applications
    • Steam condensate return
    • General water service
    • Brine transmission

    • Cooling water
    • Fire water / fire protection
    • Produced water
    • Potable water
    • Drainage
    • Sewerage
    • Caissons / column piping